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Drifting Sinker

Drifting Sinker

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  • 10 Inch Long, Flexible, Buoyant Drifting Weight to Avoid Snags in Heavy Cover.
  • Stainless Steal Eye for easy, Non-Abrasive Connection to Various Slip-Sinker Presentations.
  • Various Weights for Your Specific Fishing Conditions.
  • Trapped Air in the Flexible Marine Tubing Keeps the Tip of the Weight off the bottom to Climb Rocks, Brush and other Heavy Cover.
  • 3 Drifting Weights Per Order in 2,3 or 4 ounces
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10 Inch long lead drifting weight for dragging bottom when catfishing or any fishing in heavy cover or steep, rocky structure.

Flexible marine tubing effortlessly climbs rocks, brush, squeezing through heavy structure.

Stainless steel eye makes for an easy, non-abrasive connection to your fishing line or swivel.

Trapped air in the upper half of the weight keeps the tip off the bottom to help prevent snagging and wedging into rocks or other heavy cover.

Product comes in packs of 3 of either 2, 3 or 4 ounces depending on your fishing conditions.

High quality design allows for casting from the bank when fishing a steep rocky drop-off.